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 Dr. Amin has taken  Parasitology to a  professional level of  expertise. I have had  extremely ill patients who  have had negative stool  tests and Dr. Amin has  found multiple parasites. His secret is to not use  destructive stains and to  simply look at the specimen. He can even identify bugs by the ripple signature on the slide like a good sonar operator can identify enemy submarines. Through his work, Dr. Amin has helped me be a better physician.

Dr. Bruce H. Shelton MD MD(H)

President Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association

Dr Bruce H Shelton

I have been practicing alternative medicine for the past 34 years. I became interested in the problem of parasite infestation early on and I even had a parasitologist from Africa who worked in my office for a period of time. I came to understand that although my medical school training taught us the various parasites there was no one in the local labs who could make a diagnosis. I became acquainted with Dr. Omar Amin in 1992 and realized that I needed his help to properly diagnose the parasites. He subsequently opened his lab and it didn't take long for his work to flourish. Undoubtedly we must consider him Mr. Parasitologist. He has published many research papers, travels widely to attend conferences in his specialty and makes himself available for consultations. Thank you, Omar, for the good work that you do and for profound scholarship.

Your friend,

Abram Ber, MD

Homeopathic Physician

McGill Medical School Graduate 1966


Dr. Abe Ber, MD

Dr. Amin

Thank you for the wonderful work and service of your parasitology center.

I have consistently found that you are able to uncover parasites and infections in my patients who are misdiagnosed with other labs.  The prices at the parasitology center are very reasonable for the patient.  The test is also extremely thorough and exact.  Mostly , I am impressed with the personalized service that you and the lab provide for the doctors seeking anwers and more information.  Thank  you for your wonderful work and service.

The parasitology center has changed the way I practice and improved the quaility of patient care for me.

I am very grateful.

Dr. Gabrielle Francis


Dr. Gabrielle Francis
143 Grand St. 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10013
phone 212.925.8772
fax 212.925.8773

Dr. Gabrielle Francis

I have used Parasitology Center for 13 years. I have found them to be especially helpful. Many times the parasite report explained why a patient has not been feeling well, even though they did not have specific intestinal symptoms. By detecting parasites I have been able to resolve some very difficult health conditions. I like their experience with parasites from all over the world, since many of my patients are world travelers. Dr Amin has been able to aid me in deciding the best medicines (pharmaceutical and botanical) for difficult cases also. The results are usually faxed to me very quickly. I am pleased to have a reliable resource that can accurately identify parasites. If I suspect a parasite, I know Dr. Amin will find it.
Boyer B. Cole, N.M.D.

Boyer B. Cole, N.M.D.
(415) 721-7453

Dr. Boyer Cole

I have been using Dr. Amin's GI/Parasiting testing for several years.  I have compared the results to other labs and have complete confidence that his methodology is the best.  I have found negatvie results from other labs and yet positive when performed by Dr. Amin, therefore being able to provide life changing treatments for patients.  He is always available for consultation with the doctor to help with treatment suggestions.  I would recommend this testing for any professional looking for VALUE and ACCURATE results.
Worden Medical Specialties
Ph (480) 588-2233
Fx (480) 588-2235

Donese Worden

I have found that this is a comprehensive formula that has helped several of my patients.  I do recommend that they stay on the formula for the prescribed three months.  Most are able to take the recommended doses with little side effects.  If I have a patient who is extremely sensitive, I will have them work up to recommended dosage.  Patients start noticing benefits after the first week or two and continue to improve at varying rates; most are symptom free after the three months.  Occasionally I will prescribe an additional probiotic.
     Joanna Dove, ND, LAc
     Helena, MT 

Dr. Diane Love

Dear Omar,

May I wish for you and all your friends and family all kind of success and happiness for this new year. I hope to contrinue your friendship as from so many years ago.

Last year I published a paper for you in Systematic Parasitology (enclosed). It is just a mention of your name, but more, an acknowledgement because you had done so many in advance of our group. Always, your papers, all your work is a model, is an example of good doing for all. Thank you so much for your very good work. And please, receive my work as an acknowledgment.

I acknowledge with many thanks your messages.

Very best wishes,

Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico
Instituto de Biologa
Laboratorio de Helmintologa


Dr. Salgado-Maldonado

In Ayurvedic Medicine,  it is said that that the body cannot maintain its health unless the digestion is healthy.  As a complementary medicine practitioner who specialises in treating digestive disorders using natural substances,  Dr Amin's expertise in clinical parasitology, and his laboratory's diagnostic tests, have been invaluable to my practice. Because the effectiveness of herbs and other natural substances against parasitic disease is often  species-specific, and the PCI test screens for over forty organisms at a very reasonable cost to my patients, I have used the PCI tests for over 20 years.

Sarasvati Buhrman, Ph.D.
Ayurvedic Medicine and Classical Yoga Therapy
303 443 6923,

Dr. Sarvasati Buhrman

 Dr. Omar Amin is an outstanding authorized expert who practices parasitology with great enthusiasm and accuracy. I have experienced his efficiency in parasite identification, as well as in training young parasitologists. The way he deals with parasite identification, whether in clinical practice or in research, reflects his passion to this science. The state of the art technique he follows together with the experience that his center has gained along the years, allowed him to help solving many clinical puzzels and reveal many hidden pathogenic illnesses. His diagnostic abilities and care for patients have helped physicians, nationally and internationally to treat their patients successfully.

Amal I. khalil

Professor of Parasitology

Faculty of Science

Tanta University

POB 27 Tanta 31527




Amal Khalil

I am writing to acknowledge how pleased I have been with your expertise and service over the past two decades. Not only have your diagnostic skills been life-saving in so many cases, but I especially appreciate how willing you are to discuss and offer personal insights, should the occasion arise. I would highly recommend your lab without reservation to anybody anywhere.

Yours in admiration,

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

 Award Winning Author of 30 Books on Health and Healing

Creator of the New York Times Bestsellers The Fat Flush Plan

& Before the Change

Columnist, First For Women Magazine

Ann Louise Gittleman

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