Pinworm Analysis



Our specialized pinworm test is the go-to solution for patients who are battling persistent anal itching, especially when standard test results have turned out negative and no other plausible explanation is evident. Pinworms, unlike other intestinal parasites, typically evade detection in standard fecal analysis, given their affinity for the peri-anal region, predominantly at night. This makes our specialized testing method the only reliable way to detect pinworm presence accurately. With our comprehensive testing package, embark on a journey towards understanding the root cause of your discomfort and, subsequently, effective treatment.

Turnaround Time

The Pinworm test results will be available 3-5 days after receipt of specimens.

Relevant Literature

Understanding Pinworm Infection: Comprehensive Insights into the Biology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Enterobiasis

Immerse yourself in our detailed guide on Enterobiasis, widely recognized as pinworm infection. We delve into the biology of these parasites, the steps involved in accurately diagnosing the infection, effective treatment options, and strategic preventive measures against further infestations.