Pure Rich Pericarp Mangosteen


One of the newest, hottest topics in health food supplements today is mangosteen! The whole fruit of a mangosteen contains compounds called xanthones: naturally occurring, high-potency antioxidants found primarily in the peel/hull of the fruit. Mangosteen has been revered for centuries as "Asia's Queen of Fruits". Of course, you don't need to take our word for it.

Research scientists are now discovering that there is valid science behind the folk medicine traditions and the answer seems to be in the mangosteen's compounds called xanthones. There have been 43 xanthones discovered in the fruit thus far (mostly in the rind); some unique only to the mangosteen. Xanthones are potent anti-oxidants and are used for their antitoxic benefits; The mangosteen is one of nature's only readily available sources of xanthones known thus far.

Safety and Side Effects